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West Horndon Parish Council is consulted by Brentwood Borough Council, which is the statutory Planning Authority for the area, on all full planning applications in the Parish. We have to consider these in the context of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and other standard planning guidance. It is the role of the Parish Council review applications and interpret them in the context of the local area and make our recommendations to Brentwood Borough Council. We usually make these decisions at our monthly public meeting, but some have to be made by delegated authority if timing makes this difficult.

Members of the public can also comment on any planning application but remember any comments made should be done in the context of the NPPF. Simple statements such as “I don’t want that here..” will not carry any weight as it is not reference to the NPPF.

Once planning applications have been considered by the officials they publish a weekly list of their recommendations for individual applications. If these recommendations are not referred to the next meeting of the planning committee by either the Parish Council or any elected members of the Borough Council then the recommendation becomes the final decision.

On the next page there is a list of active and recent planning applications with links to the full documents on the Brentwood Borough Council’s web site.


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