West Horndon Parish Council Overview

West Horndon has its own Parish Council, originally founded in 1894.  The Parish Council was restarted in 2003 after it was originally disbanded in 1934.  

The table below details the current Parish Councillors together with contact details.  Further details on each councillor are available on the individual councilor pages.




Email Address


 Dan McNicol

 07973 694583 


 Vice Chair

 Colin Foan

 01277 812197



 Gordon Hannah

 07901 169763



 Kane Herring




 Gemma Houghton




 Sue Lister

 01277 812116



 Lee Petty




The Parish Concil is led by the Chair, and supported by the Vice Chair.  It is also organised in to a number of groups, including Community, Transport, Highways, Planning, Communication, and Funding.  You can view the Parish Councillors' Member Interests here.

In addition to the immediate Parish Council, the Parish benefits from two assigned ward member from Brentwood Borough Council.  At present the Parish has two ward members - Cat Tierney and Maria Pearson.

The Parish Council formally meets once a month, with the public invited to attend these meetings.  A schedule of meetings together with previous minutes, and further information on the Parish Council, can be accessed on the Clerk's page.