Neighbourhood Watch

This page contains information aimed at maintaining a safe environment for the local residents of West Horndon.

Tax Band Scam

The following information was issued by Epping Forest District Council.  Individuals outside of the district may still be approached: 

Epping Forest District Council officers have become aware of a company operating in the south of the distric offering services to householders to get their Council Tax band reduced.  This company, when knocking on people's doors are claiming to be from "Council Tax" and giving people the impression they are from the council, when they are not.  Anyone using the company's services should be aware that should it be successful in getting a Council Tax band reduced, the company will take a share of any overpayment.  We would urge people to check for ID, read carefully any document before they sign it, seek advice if they need fo from the Council Tax section or the Valuation Office Agency (which determins a property's Council Tax band), and get a copy of any signed document.

EFDC would like to stress that if anyone feels their Council Tax band is too high they themselves can contact the Valuation Office Agency on 03000 501501, and would then receive the full refund should their band be reduced.  For general Council Tax advice, contact the Council Tax team on 01992 564188 or 564189.

Telephone Scam

A telephone call was received purportedly from the Metropolitan Police at Hammersmith.   They said her bank account had been vandalised by “someone” and they had removed a large amount of money from  it.   The bogus police even gave her an incident number and told her to telephone them back on the number they gave her to verify the truth of the incident.   Thankfully the resident had the forethought to look up the number of the Hammersmith Police and they confirmed the incident number and the telephone call were bogus.   

They in turn informed Brentwood police who called on the resident late that last evening, took a statement and asked if they caught the culprit would she be prepared to  prosecute.