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The Parish Council meeting on Thursday, 25th June will be a virtual meeting because of Government restrictions during the present coronavirus crisis. All residents are invited to join the meeting using Google Meet & the id for the meeting is https://meet.google.com/shn-fvcy-ghf.
 The agenda is below -
7.30-7.45pm Chairman’s welcome followed by Public Forum – an opportunity for members of the public to ask questions relating to local issues. The forum will last for 15 minutes. To ensure members have an opportunity to speak, each individual who wishes to contribute will be allocated a total of 2 minutes.
20/42 MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON 27thFEBRUARY 2020 – To be authorised as a true record
20/43 PROGRESS REPORT – Clerk’s Report (attached) – Kim Harding
20/44 FINANCE - Responsible Financial Officer – Kim Harding
Declaration on Annual Governance (attached)
Approval of Annual Accounts for 2019/20 (attached)
Attendance of Cllr Houghton on virtual training course to be approved
Spend to be ratified – monthly expenditure for June 2020 (attached)
20/45 REVIEW OF FINANCE REGULATIONS – Parish Clerk – Kim Harding
20/46 PLANNING UPDATE – Cllr Foan
Discussion on 20/00806/HHA – 15, Dunmow Gardens, West Horndon;
Single storey side and rear extension.
Discussion on 20/00807/HHA – 15, Dunmow Gardens, West Horndon:
Loft conversion with new gable end and front/rear dormers and roof light to side elevation.
Update on local planning issues relating to the Parish, including Secretary of State’s response to the Parish Council’s letter of 15th May 2020 regarding Planning Application No. 19/00315/OUT – Proposed East Horndon Industrial Estate.
Update regarding latest developments including (a) Planning Inspectorate’s response to submission of draft Local Development Plan by Brentwood Borough Council; and (b) latest activity by Iceni Projects Limited,
20/48 HIGHWAYS UPDATE – Cllr McNicol
Update on highways issues within West Horndon Parish including discussion on possible measures to ease traffic congestion caused by HGVs using Little Warley Hall Lane.
20/49 PARKUPDATE – Cllr McNicol
Update on issues affecting West Horndon Park; including discussion on (a) the acquisition of new trees and plaques to honour recipients of the Legion d’honneur; (b) how the area where the sun-dial was previously located should be utilised; and (c) tending of new flower beds.
20/50 CITIZEN OF THE YEAR AWARD 2020– Cllr Lister
20/51 COMMUNITY ISSUES – Cllr Suters
Update on community issues
20/53 COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT – Cllr Houghton
20/54 PARISH NEWSLETTER – Cllr Houghton
20/56 REPORTS (attached)
20/57 CORRESPONDENCE LIST (attached)
20/59 NEXT MEETING – Thursday 30th July 2020



Update on new recycling scheme from Brentwood Council
"Changes to your recycling collections, which were previously postponed due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown, will commence from MONDAY 3rd AUGUST.
Keep an eye on our website and social media for further updates.



Road closure

This is an update to the post of 29th April

The eastbound slip road from the A128 to the A127 will be closed from 17th June for 5 nights between the hours of 9PM and 5AM. The closure is happening because Essex County Council will be carrying out Carriageway Machine Surfacing. More details are available here -



Cancelled Summer event
Due to the Covid-19 crisis, Brentwood Borough Council have cancelled the Family Fun day planned for Friday, 14th August 2020 in West Horndon Park


As many of you will be aware, Brentwood Borough Council is planning to make changes to household recycling collections.
To reduce plastic waste and encourage everyone to recycle more, the Borough Council will no longer use orange plastic bags for residents to put their recycling in. Instead, residents will be issued reusable recycling sacks instead. Two sacks will be issued to each household within the Borough. Residents will be asked to place paper and cardboard waste within a blue sack and cans and plastics into a white sack. These sacks will be returned once emptied so they can be used repeatedly..
The new collection arrangements were planned to be introduced in June 2020. However, due to the present Coronavirus crisis it has been agreed that implementation will be postponed to a more convenient date. It is not known at the present time when that date will be.
In the interim residents are asked to continue to use the orange plastic bags for recycling purposes.
It has been noted that due to the Coronavirus crisis people are spending a far greater amount of time at home and this has had a knock on effect in terms of the number of orange plastic recycling bags that have been used. In order that there are sufficient orange plastic bags available within West Horndon Parish until the revised recycling collection arrangements are brought in, West Horndon Parish Council has secured additional supplies of orange sacks. 1,000 have been delivered to Jacksons Newsagents in Thorndon Avenue. These are now available for collection. The Parish Clerk also has a small supply which can be collected from his home address.
If you have any queries please contact the Parish Clerk by e-mail at whpc.parishclerk@gmail.com


Road closure
The eastbound slip road from the A128 to the A127 will be closed from 26th June for 5 days between the hours of 11PM and 5AM. The closure is happening because Essex County Council will be carrying out Carriageway Machine Surfacing. More details are available here - https://one.network/?tm=117139109



Community Shield
The main doctors' surgery at Ockenden asked the information in the image be circulated.



Glass recycling & garden waste collection
Brentwood Council have announced that both collections have been suspended until further notice. More information is available here - https://www.brentwood.gov.uk/index.php?cid=2297



Parking restrictions in the village
South Essex Parking Partnership (SEPP) have confirmed the waiting and loading restrictions that operate in West Horndon and surrounding areas have been lifted during the present coronavirus crisis.



From Maria Pearson -

Thank you! Cat Tierney and I would like to thank all who helped us deliver near on 2000 Brentwood Borough Council information leaflets to every house in Herongate, Ingrave and West Horndon Ward over the past 2 days. In total 30000+ information leaflets will be delivered in the Borough by the end of today. That is a huge achievement by all in such a short time frame - so thank you!
To Herongate and Ingrave Parish Council, it's chairman Alan Kingsford - who organised the delivery with military precision and all the Parish Councillors - our thanks. To Pat, Judi and Brian who came to the Town Hall and offered help - thank you.
To Beverly Petty and her band of Merry Men and Women in West Horndon - you are amazing and our thanks!!! To the West Horndon Parish Council and Councillors - thank you. Jeanette, you and Glenn are in our prayers xx
The Borough Council have had over 5 tonnes of Food donated to the Food Bank from residents over the past 2 days. That is amazing - thank you. From now on as we enter isolation, donations can be made at the Town Hall. Please remember our elderly and needy while you shop. All donations will be greatly appreciated.
These are unprecedented times. Scary times and uncertain times. However, our community spirit and the acts of kindness we are hearing about are outstanding. Please take care of yourselves, keep your distance from each other, wash your hands throughly when you get home and keep an eye out for each other.
Cat Tierney and I will keep you as updated as possible. Our thanks again.
Maria x


A message from Cllr David Finch, Leader, Essex County Council - A matter of life and death


Dear resident,

I have never written to anyone on a more important subject. I would ask that you please take a moment to read this message.

We are facing the biggest challenge of our times. Coronavirus is a killer. If we do nothing, 500,000 people across our great country will die.

But that horrendous outcome will not happen, provided we act.

The Government has issued good advice. But not all of us are following it.

This is not good enough. We MUST heed the advice from Government.

It is simple. And it is in our hands.


Across Essex this weekend, we have seen people behaving in a way which was very much like going about their usual business.

I will be blunt. This is not acceptable.

We MUST socially distance.

Even though some schools across Essex will stay open, you should ONLY take your children to them, if you have been notified that you are a critical worker AND if you absolutely have NO other option.


If the epidemic peaks, as it has in Italy, which has a world-class health system, the NHS will be overwhelmed.

We must not allow the ‘peak’ of the epidemic to outstrip the NHS’s capacity to care.

Every single one of us can ensure that this nightmare scenario does not happen.

In China, and South Korea, the spread of the virus has been kept in check because Governments have acted quickly enough, and people have followed advice. We must follow suit. Our great County of Essex has always risen to the challenges over the decades. This is the greatest one of our times.

Please, follow the advice. Stay Home. Save Lives. #StayHomeSaveLives

Cllr David Finch, Leader, Essex County Council

Dr Mike Gogarty, Director of Public Health, Essex County Council

The latest advice on coronavirus (COVID-19) is available on the Public Health England (PHE) and NHS websites.

You can find out about impacts on our services on the Essex County Council website.



In light of the Government advice about social distancing it has been decided to cancel the Parish Council meeting scheduled for Thursday, 26th March.

If there are any issues residents wish to bring to the attention of the Parish Council please contact either Kim Harding at whpc.parishclerk@gmail.com or Dan McNicol at whpc.cllr.danmcnicol@gmail.com

Please stay safe and look out for those around you.



Advance warning of the intended closure of the eastbound slip road from the A128 to A127. This will begin on 26th February between the overnight hours of 21.00 and 5.00 only and will last for 9 days. Further information can be found here - https://one.network/?tm=116516211


In an attempt to minimise heavy good vehicles using Thorndon Avenue as a short-cut to/from the Industrial Park, the Parish Council has written to Glenny & Co. see below.

" 12th February 2020



A number of local residents have contacted West Horndon Parish Council regarding the large number of articulated and multi-axled vehicles presently using Thorndon Avenue, West Horndon to gain access to or from West Horndon Industrial Estate. As you are probably aware, Thorndon Avenue is subject to a vehicle weight limit restriction of 7.5 tonnes and also contains the entrance to the local primary school.

It is unclear whether satellite navigation devices are incorrectly sending the lorries down Thorndon Avenue or drivers are deliberately driving down the road to avoid having to use the A128 trunk road.

West Horndon Parish Council would be grateful if you could liaise with the all companies currently renting premises on West Industrial Industrial Estate and request that they remind drivers of all articulated and multi-axled vehicles operating from, or visiting, their units of the weight limit in force on Thorndon Avenue. The residents of West Horndon Village would be most appreciative, especially those living on Thorndon Avenue.

Thank you in anticipation of your co-operation.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Kim Harding
Clerk to West Horndon Parish Council "



The Parish Council has sent a letter, see below, to Gates, Parish & Co, regarding the state of the courtyard at the rear of the shops in Chafford Gardens

" 11th February 2020



A number of local residents have contacted West Horndon Parish Council regarding the untidy state of the courtyard at the rear of the parade of shops in Chafford Gardens, West Horndon. It has been observed that a large amount of cardboard and packing materials are strewn around the area. Also, holding trolleys are not tidied away and are left haphazardly within the courtyard. While it is recognised that some disruption will occur when unpacking of delivered goods is taking place, it is clear that matters are often left for long periods before some attempt at clearing up occurs. This is proving very frustrating for the residents of the flats above the shops, as well as other residents who visit West Horndon Tennis Club, which is accessed via the same courtyard.

It is assumed that it is a condition of the leases held by the respective shops that the courtyard is left in a clean and tidy condition at all times. Therefore, West Horndon Parish Council would be grateful if you could liaise with the managers of the shops in Chafford Gardens and request that the courtyard be kept in a tidy state.

Thank you in anticipation of your co-operation.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Kim Harding
Clerk to West Horndon Parish Council "



The Essex Coast RAMS Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

The Essex Coast Recreational disturbance Avoidance & Mitigation Strategy (RAMS) is an initiative to raise awareness of the birds that feed and breed on the Essex coast, so that people can enjoy the coast and its wildlife without disturbing the birds. It is a partnership of 12 Essex Local Planning Authorities. They are undertaking a consultation between 10th January and 21st February 2020. Further information on RAMS and the survey can be found here - https://consultations.essex.gov.uk/place-services/the-essex-coast-rams-spd/



Waste and Recycling Collection - Holiday Period

The collection days are changing for the next few weeks and are as follows -

Monday, 30th December (Orange Sacks, Food Waste & Refuse)

Monday, 6th January (Orange Sacks, Food Waste, Refuse, Glass & Textiles, no Garden Waste)

Saturday, 11th January (Orange Sacks, Food Waste & Refuse)

Friday, 17th January (Orange Sacks, Food Waste, Refuse, Glass & Textiles & Garden Waste)

Please note real Christmas trees can be put out for recycling on Friday, 17th January and should not be bigger than 6 feet otherwise please cut the tree to suit




Residents will be aware that footpath and grass verge works in Thorndon Avenue were undertaken during the summer of 2019. It was intended that the asphalt patchwork carried out was to be covered by a slurry seal during the October half term. Regrettably this did not take place. The Parish Council understands the reason for the delay was because of the electricity works presently taking place in Thorndon Avenue. Essex Highways thought it better to delay the slurry seal and re-seeding of the grass verges until the digging up of the footpath resulting from the new electricity poles being installed would be sensible. It is understood that the slurry seal of the footpath and seeding of the grass verges has been re-scheduled to take place in April 2020.



Last night at Brentwood Town Hall an outline planning application was discussed regarding the potential building of an industrial estate on green belt land opposite the Halfway House. West Horndon Parish Council has always objected strongly to this as firstly it is on green belt and secondly we believe will substantially increase the flood risk to the village. 
The Parish Council were therefore appalled last night when both our ward councillors acted against our objections. Cat Tierney openly proposed to approve the application and thus overturn the officers recommendation to refuse and Maria Pearson acting as our ward councillor openly supported Cat’s proposal. 
The application has been deferred to the January meeting as Cat could not provide a valid planning reason for the proposal. Essentially she needed to say what exceptional benefits the development would provide and she could not. 
Please be aware the the Parish Council will continue to object to this development and we feel it is in the interests of the village that you should be aware of your ward councillors actions in this very important development



Come and enjoy this year’s Christmas Event at West Horndon Village Hall.
There will be singing around the Christmas tree from 4.00 pm onwards
with The Salvation Army Band and children from West Horndon Primary School.
The Christmas tree lights will be switched on at 4.45 pm.
Afterwards there will be complementary mulled wine, warm mince pies and sausage rolls in the Village Hall with further entertainment from The Salvation Army Band and children from West Horndon Primary School.
A raffle will be run, raising money for charity.  A number of the prizes have been donated by local shops and businesses.
Entry is free and this is a great opportunity to celebrate the holiday season with the rest of our community.






1st DECEMBER 2019


Thorndon Avenue

Many people have commented on the state of Thorndon Avenue after the recent work to patch the pavements. The Parish Council have been informed by Essex Highways the work carried out to date is only the prep work, with the completed repairs due to take place during the October half-term.



Below are photos from the B17 Commemoration Service held in the West Horndon Park on Saturday, 21st September